I woke up like this…



I got up early today – and by early I mean 7am (I am not a morning person). Every morning I am in a constant battle whilst lying between the sheets debating whether I should get up to cook breakfast and do my hair or snooze my alarm for an extra 30mins… the later unfortunately wins most days.










I’ve grown up and gotten to know myself well… Each night my blow-dried hair goes into a braid, so the next morning after snoozing two or three times I’m undoing the braid adding a few extra curls with my curling wand to achieve that effortless ‘I just woke up like this’ look…. #becauseibasicallydid

It has taken me most of my life to get to this point with my hair – from changing up hairdressers, styling products and techniques.

When I was asked to attend Richard Ward’s launch in Australia last week I not only jumped on the opportunity – but also out of bed the morning of the event… I had to have good hair whilst meeting Kate Middleton’s hairdresser.

Having good hair is a big priority for me – I was basically a sponge the entire hour taking on board everything he said.

It basically all comes down to a how you blow dry and what sort of brush you’re using.

Meanwhile my outfit is also pushing for that effortless ‘autumn has just arrived’ look. Throw on the basics; a cute fluffy jacket and matching espadrilles. 


Top | Lulu and Rose similar here 
Skirt | Witchery Skirt
Espadrilles | Holster Espadrilles
Sunglasses | Pacifico Optical Sunglasses 

Coat | Zara similar here

Photographer | Laurie Young

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