optimistic in a silk cover up

SWF Boutique Jo Hombsch

SWF Boutique Jo Hombsch


SWF Boutique Jo Hombsch


SWF Boutique Jo Hombsch


SWF Boutique Jo Hombsch



SWF Boutique Jo Hombsch



Does wearing a summer beach dress in London during mean I am an optimist? Someone who is making the most of my post Spain vacay wardrobe? Or someone who eagerly wants to get back to Australia for summer.

 I’d say all of the above. 

In my year 12-graduation book when asked what I’ll be doing in ten years time, I answered ‘Following the sun around the world’. It is 11 years on and I can happily say that I am almost following the sun around the globe.

A life involving a lot of sun, tends to have an extensive summer wardrobe. Take this silk SWF Boutique dress which is the perfect poolside cover, but with a few extra pieces you easily take your favourite piece from eating ice creams in Bondi to tube hoping in London.

On a side note I am back in Sydney now and looking forward to sundaes in Bondi sometime soon in this dress. 


Dress SWF Boutique
Sneakers | Nike
Bag | From St Xavier 
Necklace | Amber Sceats
Sunglasses | Oscar Wylee
Jacket | Zara similar here
Watch | Uncle Jacket 

Photographer | Rosalind Alcazar (edited by myself)

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