Investing in a basic knit

Wrap London Jo Hombsch

Wrap London Jo Hombsch

Wrap London Jo Hombsch

Wrap London Jo Hombsch

Wrap London Jo Hombsch

Wrap London Jo Hombsch

Wrap London Jo Hombsch


It wasn’t until recently that I understood the meaning of investing in good quality basics. I’d always be spending my money of fast fashion trends, which I’d get sick of pretty quickly. 

At the beginning I was forced into this way of thinking. I was the girl who checked in two large suitcases of clothes for a two-week trip to London, only to get there and have nothing to wear. Or the girl whose boyfriend says if I bring home any more clothes, I’ll have to throw out one old piece for every new.

 It’s a relatively new way of thinking for me, but I can quite confidently say I’ve openly brought this way of thinking into wardrobe purchases.

 The last good quality basic I picked up was on my recent trip to London, a cashmere grey sweater from Wrap London.

 I lost count the number of outfit combinations I wore this cashmere sweater, over the past few weeks, and as I head back to the Australia heat I can comfortably leave this heavily soft grey knit at my London apartment until our next trip in April then eventually bring it back to Australia for our Aussie Winter.

Talk about getting the most out of a good quality basic.



Sweater | Wrap London 
Jeans | Neuw Denim
Sunglasses | The 5th Frames 
Shoes | Nike 
Coat Oscar Wylee

Photographer | Rosalind Alcazar (edited by myself)

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