What’s in my beauty cupboard

Whats in my beauty cabinet

Whats in my beauty cabinet

Whats in my beauty cabinet

Whats in my beauty cabinet

Whats in my beauty cabinet








I am no beauty blogger; in fact I am far from but for most of my life I have put make up on and styled my hair almost hair day (I long for the days I don’t have too!!), I also find myself constantly being drawn to reading beauty articles – So over the years I have picked up my far share of tips and tricks. 

 One thing to keep in mind is everyone is different, what works for your favourite beauty blogger might not work for you. Everyone’s skin is different, it’s all about trial and error and getting to know your skin.

I’ve tested and tried countless beauty products, so I thought I’d share with you exactly what is in my beauty cupboard at the moment. It was hard to narrow down my favourites… So I picked the top five beauty brands I use every every day. 

  • Jurlique – In particular love their face mist, if I am working from home i’ll probably spray this on my face more times than I can count… It’s oh so refreshing. Their deep cleansing products are always a favourite of mine too. 
  • Moroccan Oil – my hair absolutely loves Moroccan oil’s treatment and on day 3 and 4 when I don’t have time to wash my hair,  their dry texture spray always saves the day.
  • Ocinium – my skin has never looked so clear since switching to their light weight products. I use their vitamin C serum in the morning and the papaya + pomegranate facial oil in the evening. Defiantly worth the investment. 
  • Scout Cosmetics – I can’t get enough of their new organic active skin care range, it feels so light and moisturising on my skin and it smells so dam good too. 
  • Antipodes – another natural beauty brand I am obsessed with is Antipodes. I am a big believer of investing in organic products that sit on the bottom layer of your skin the entire day/night. 


Photographer | Rosalind Alcazar 

One thought on “What’s in my beauty cupboard

  1. Thanks for sharing Antipodes Natural & Organic Skincare Jo. We hope you are enjoying our new Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Eye Cream and our new Moisture-Boost Lipstick! We love your beautiful photos. #lovenatural #loveorganic #lovenaturallipsticks #lovemanuka


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