Exploring with Pandora

Dalloway Terrence Pandora

Dalloway Terrence Pandora

Dalloway Terrence - Do Pandora


Dalloway Terrence - Do Pandora




Dalloway Terrence - Do Pandora

Dalloway Terrence - Do Pandora


Dalloway Terrence - Do Pandora



Dalloway Terrence - Do Pandora

In my year 12-graduation book when asked what I will be doing in 10 years time, I answered “travelling and following the sun around the world”. It was then about 6 years ago whilst visiting the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, a photo was taken of me standing next to a statue wearing a beige fedora, from here I was nick named #explorerjojo.

Pandora recently released their Do Explore collection, the collection celebrates women who are adventures, who explore and make the most of life. I’ve been very lucky to do quite a lot of travelling over the last few years, living between Sydney and London. Not only do the new Pandora pieces remind me of past adventures and up and coming trips, it was also campaign wording which spoke to. To me the new collection is all about saying yes to adventures, making the most of every opportunity and living your life to the fullest. Something I try to do every day. 


Dress | Talulah
Bracelets| Pandora here, and here
Necklaces | Pandora here, here and here

Rings | Pandora here, here and here

Photographer | Rosalind Alcazar
Location | Dalloway Terrace 

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