The travel tips you need to know.

Travel Tips Johombsch

Each year we find ourselves travelling for at least 5 months of the year. So, I’d like to think I know a thing or two about travelling. Being prepared and organised for a long trip, just like our recent three-month trip to Europe, Mexico and the US really does make everything go much smoother and more enjoyable. I’ve put together a few of my tips that I’ve picked throughout my travels.

Travel Trips Jo Hombsch

Use a calendar.
I use the calendar on my phone to help me organise everything. You can also use a printable calendar if that works best for you. I put everything from flight/ train and hotel information into it.

Know your airlines.
Annoyingly pretty much every airline has a different baggage allowance and check in instructions. Also be aware of which terminal your airline is flies in and out of.

Travel Trips Jo Hombsch
Travel Tips Jo Hombsch

Google Maps is your best friend.
Before flying into a new city download the local map to your phone. I also use the bookmarks feature on my phone every day. I bookmark using the ‘favourite’ and ‘want to go’ feature, bookmarking restaurants, cafes, bars and any sightseeing I had planned to do in each city. I also find it really useful when I am back home and making suggestions to friends and to also help me remind for next time.

Phone Data.
Coming from Australia we don’t have the same phone plans as most in Europe, so looking into this before leaving for your trip is important. I am with Vodafone which allows me to turn my data on for $5 a day whilst travelling. We also took an old iPhone and purchases an EU travel sim and both hot spotted off this.

Travel Tips Jo Hombsch

Know your bank.
It’s the 2019, you don’t need the local currency before flying in. Although it is good to have, don’t make it a major stress. Find out which bank your bank is aligned with, as the transactional fees will be much less. Lastly always cover your pin code with your hand.

The neighbourhood is more important than the hotel.
It’s far better to stay in area with lots of restaurants and bars with good accommodation than an area in the middle of nowhere with amazing accommodation. You’ll find yourself spending money and time in Uber’s and public transport every day. Do your research and speak to people have previously visited the city.

Travel Trips Jo Hombsch


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One thought on “The travel tips you need to know.

  1. Good tips! How much easier is it these days to navigate and find good spots using our phones. It’s so handy!
    Love the dreamy photos Jo! xx Jenelle |


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