The QT Sydney Sommelier you wish you had at your dinner table.

Pre-pandemic I sat down with QT Sydney’s Head Sommelier, Serena Carl at Gowings Bar & Grill. It was an accidental three-and-a-half-hour chat where I got the 101 on food and wine pairings, their impressive 900 bottle wine cellar, the process of buying wine for QT Sydney, what it’s like working with Executive Chef Nic Wood and of course where Serena buys her personal wine stash from.

Over dinner, I wanted to work my wine paring game hard and heard exactly how a Sommelier like Serena would pair wine for her customers during their dining experience.

So, I selected dishes from the menu as any diner would and Serena snapped into action selecting the perfect wine to pair. 

Read the tips I pick up from Serena on the evening over at En-Route.

Photography: Lucy Alcorn

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