#PlateItForward Dinner For Two

If we can, giving back and helping those in need is at the top of our minds of late. It’s the little guys we all want to help, not the big retailers and more than ever we want to know where our money is going. Although times are tough for so many, we’re seeing the small businesses step up and give back to so many in need right now. 

For instance, The Rocks who have launched the #PlateItForward campaign, partnering with Sydney Streetlevel Misson, who offer welfare assistance to vulnerable people in the community. A range of restaurants, cafes and retailers in The Rocks, have jumped on board the campaign to offer their support.

Living in Sydney? Order a meal over $10 from one of the participating venues and that venue will be ‘paying it forward’ and donating a second meal to Sydney Streetlevel Misson 

I went and road tested two of the venues myself, indulging in a two-course meal from Pony and La Renaissance. Setting up on the balcony, I bought the restaurant to my home for a long afternoon lunch. Mains were from Pony Dining, we had Vegetarian Lasagna with a side of wood-roasted carrots and feta, roasted cauliflower with tahini dressing and Italian flatbread with hummus. Dessert was an apple tart from La Renaissance. Enjoying lunch over a bottle of Chardonnay from The Lane Vineyard.

The Plate It Forward campaign runs from runs until 31st May. To check out which retailers in The Rocks are participating see here.

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